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Why I am running

My heart and passion centers around public education; I have been an active volunteer in the district for many years.  My service, advocacy and support of students, educators and staff is what led me to run for the school board.  I have seen the challenges they face firsthand - the overwhelming need to see students as a whole child versus just a test score.  Certified and Classified Staff being required to do more with less year after year.  Public Education being devalued by those in the General Assembly.  The list goes on and on.

While our District has made great strides there is still MUCH work to be done.  I want to continue to be a voice for our students, educators, staff and the district.  I want to ensure that we are creating a safe environment that allows ALL of our students to receive a quality, accessible and equitable education that focuses on educating the whole child.  That compensates, provides appropriate resources, and respects all of our educators and staff.  As well as fosters and builds a sense of unity with our families and other community stakeholders.

I may not have all the answers but I am willing to do the work to find solutions and ask the hard questions.  Our students, staff and schools deserve better.  Together, I believe we can rise to the occasion!

What Sabrina cares about...

  1. ALL students deserve quality, accessible, and equitable education.

  2. Educators & Staff deserve to have proper resources, funding and respect.​​

  3. We must address the emotional and social aspects of learning to ultimately impact academic outcomes. Teach the WHOLE child.

  4. We must foster & build relationships between the community and the district.

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