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Meet the Common Sense Team

Children of every race, background, & zip code should have the freedom to learn and pursue their dreams.

Vote Common Sense...

Who we are:

  • We are the candidates who will represent ALL of our students.

  • We are the candidates who respect and value teachers.

  • We are the candidates who want to see public education thrive.

  • We are the candidates who will focus on solutions to actual problems.

  • We are the candidates who are endorsed by the FCAE -  group that represents the educators and staff in Forsyth County.

Our Priorities:

  • Close/eliminate the achievement gap for all students.

  • Create a safe and nurturing environment for all students and staff.

  • Continue to support programs like "90 by 25" program (90% of third graders proficient in reading by 2025)

  • Fully support educators and staff by tackling the issues of recruitment, retainment, and funding.


Clink the name to learn more about each candidate.

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